Soldering Station

The Multi FlexArm – Soldering Station sells for $125.00

To order please send an e-mail to or phone 613-384-1889


  • One of the many advantages of this jig, it is a huge timesaver.  In addition, it removes the frustration factor involved with creating habitats, and becomes an enjoyable exercise resulting in a neater job.
  • The stand has four extra helping FlexArms/hands to assist you with those delicate soldering tasks, especially when making a complex habitat.
  • The four FlexArms are fully hand adjustable to any angle.
  • Joints are very tight so once in place there is no movement.
  • It has a reach of 21 inches for the standard model.
  • FlexArms can be lengthened and additional FlexArms added by special order.
  • It has four alligator clip, length 2 inches, jaw opening 0.31 inches to hold your work while you solder.
  • A piece of tile 10”x8”x3/8” secured in the central portion of the base catches any solder that may fall.
  • The tool has immense versatility, a smaller version would be ideal for electronic circuit board soldering, jewellery making, gluing and painting, etc.
  • Base is covered with a Tremclad high heat enamel that provides a durable protection against heat.